Selected recent publications

A radio census of nuclear activity in nearby galaxies – M.E. Filho, P.D. Barthel, L.C. Ho, 2006, Astron.Ap. 451, 71

GPS radio sources: new optical observations and an updated master list – A. Labiano, P.D. Barthel et al., 2007, Astron.Ap. 463, 97

Dust tori in radio galaxies – G. van der Wolk, P.D. Barthel, R.F. Peletier, J.W. Pel, 2010, Astron.Ap. 511, 64

The asymmetric radio structure and record jet of giant quasar 4C34.47 – S. Hocuk and P.D. Barthel, 2010, Astron.Ap. 523, A9

Extreme host galaxy growth in powerful early-epoch radio galaxies – P. Barthel, M. Haas, C. Leipski, B. Wilkes, 2012, Ap.J. 757, L26

Deep, wide-field, global VLBI observations of the HDF-N and flanking fields – S. Chi, P.D. Barthel, and M.A. Garrett, 2013, Astron.Ap. 550, A68

The unification of powerful quasars and radio galaxies and their relation to other massive galaxies – P. Podigachoski, P. Barthel, M. Haas, C. Leipski, and B. Wilkes, 2015, Ap.J. 806, L11

Starbursts and dusty tori in distant 3CR radio galaxies – P. Podigachoski, B. Rocca-Volmerange, P. Barthel, G. Drouart, M. Fioc, 2016, MNRAS 462, 4183

Radiative age mapping of the remnant radio galaxy B2 0924+30: the LOFAR perspective – A. Shulevski, R. Morganti, J. Harwood, P. Barthel, et al., 2017, Astron.Ap. 600, A65

Starburst-driven Superwinds in Quasar Host Galaxies – P. Barthel, P. Podigachoski, B. Wilkes, M. Haas, 2017, Ap.J. 843, L16

ALMA resolves the stellar birth explosion in distant quasar 3C298 – P.D. Barthel, M.J.F. Versteeg, P. Podigachoski, M. Haas, B.J. Wilkes, C. de Breuck, S.G. Djorgovski, 2018, Ap.J. 866, L3

The radio emission from active galactic nuclei – J.F. Radcliffe, P.D. Barthel, M.A. Garrett, R.J. Beswick, A.P. Thompson, T.W.B. Muxlow, 2021, Astron.Ap. 649, L9

The 3CR Catalogue at 60: To Jet or Not to Jet … – Peter Barthel and Paolo Padovani, 2023, Galaxies, vol. 12, issue 1, p. 3