Active galaxies and quasars are the focus of Peter Barthel’s scientific interests. A lay men’s introduction can be found below.


Scientific interests

Active galaxies and quasars harbor a black hole accretion driven power house in their centres (see f.i. the Wikipedia description). The accretion process generates unusually strong optical, infrared, X-ray and occasionally also radio emission, which makes active galaxies among the most luminous and exotic objects in the Universe. Owing to their high luminosity, active galaxies …

Selected recent publications

A radio census of nuclear activity in nearby galaxies – M.E. Filho, P.D. Barthel, L.C. Ho, 2006, Astron.Ap. 451, 71 GPS radio sources: new optical observations and an updated master list – A. Labiano, P.D. Barthel et al., 2007, Astron.Ap. 463, 97 Dust tori in radio galaxies – G. van der Wolk, P.D. Barthel, R.F. …

Recent press releases

The first results (2012) of the Herschel Space Observatory project dealing with the starburst nature of distant 3C radio galaxies were announced here.  Subsequent work (2017) relating quasar winds to these starbursts was described in an ESA web release. The cutting edge Hubble Deep Field results (2012) obtained with the European VLBI Network together with …