April 14/15, 2023 – “(Our) Key moments in AGN research”

An informal, festive mini-symposium celebrating Peter Barthel’s 70th birthday, to be held April 14-15, 2023, in Groningen.

Peter Barthel was appointed full professor at the Kapteyn Institute in 2004 and Rector of the University of Groningen Pre-university Academy upon its start in 2005. He formally retired in December 2018. On that occasion, he organized a special concert in the large Oosterpoort concert hall, by the student symphony orchestra Mira, for his friends and many university colleagues. He recently expressed the wish to celebrate his 70th birthday during a festive event in Groningen in April 2023 with a group of invited long-time astronomer friends from all over the world, as well as with interested astronomy colleagues from Groningen and other Dutch institutes.

Barthel has invited ten (former) international colleagues, from universities and research institutes in the USA and Europe, for the weekend 14-15-16 April 2023. Many have agreed to come and give their personal view on Key Moments in AGN Research. The plenary meeting will take place in the university’s Van Swinderenhuys, on Friday 14th and is open to participation by interested colleagues, PhD students, and friends. There will be ample time for interaction with the invited speakers. The invited group will continue their discussions in an informal way on the Saturday during a Groningen city walk and a bus tour in the provinces of Groningen and Friesland.

The confirmed invited speakers are:
Dr. Marco Chiaberge (STScI, Baltimore),
Prof. Michael Garrett (director Jodrell Bank Centre of Astrophysics, Univ. of Manchester),
Dr. Martin Haas (Bochum Universität),
Dr. Colin Lonsdale (director MIT Haystack Observatory),
Prof. Raffaella Morganti (ASTRON, Dwingeloo),
Prof. David Sanders (IfA, Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu),
Prof. Marianne Vestergaard (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen), and
Prof. Anton Zensus (director MPIfR, Bonn).

The symposium program is as follows:

  • 09:30 – welcome; coffee/tea
  • 10:00 – talks 1, 2 – Morganti/Garrett
  • 11:00 – coffee/tea break
  • 11:30 – talks 3, 4 – Chiaberge/Vestergaard
  • 12:30 – lunch
  • 13:45 – talks 5, 6 – Haas/Sanders
  • 14:45 – coffee/tea break
  • 15:15 – talks 7, 8, 9 – Zensus/Lonsdale/Barthel
  • 17:00 – reception until 18:00
  • 18:30 – start dinner, in the Nok restaurant (10th floor of Groningen Forum building)

The (April 13) list of participants (conference and/or dinner) is:

Betsey Adams
Willem Baan
Jan Piet Barthel
Peter Barthel
Klaas van Berkel
Erwin de Blok
Reyer Boxem
Wim Brouw
Karina Caputi
Marco Chiaberge

Pratika Dayal
Lubbert Dijkhuizen
Marijn Franx
Michael Garrett
Martin Haas
Celestin Herbe-George
Henk Hoekstra
Joanna Holt
Thijs van der Hulst
Teije de Jong

Léon Koopmans
Piet van der Kruit
Pranav Kukreti
Harry van der Laan
Huib van Langevelde
Zane Lentz
Rudolf LePoole
Colin Lonsdale
Filippo Maccagni
John McKean

Christa Meijering
George Miley
Ignacio Del Moral Castro
Raffaella Morganti
Gijs Nelemans
Simon Ndiritu
Jan Noordam
Tom Oosterloo
Reynier Peletier
Pece Podigachoski

Huub Röttgering
David Sanders
Richard Schilizzi
Olaf Scholten
Alexander Shulevski
Agnieszka Slowikowska
Richard Strom
Edwin Valentijn
Frank Verbunt
Gijs Verdoes Kleijn

Marc Verheijen
Marjolein Verkouter
René Vermeulen
Marianne Vestergaard
Martine ter Wal
Lingyu Wang
Paul Wesselius
Anton Zensus

The dinner venue
The plenary meeting will be at Oude Boteringestraat 19, 9712 GC Groningen